We connect and control your computer over the internet

WHAT TO DO NEXT - Step by Step:

1. Remain on this web page and call 505-715-4100 or 400-0900.

2. We will talk you through steps to establish our connection.

3. We will instruct you as to what we need you to do, if anything.

4. Click on the picture icon right below this paragraph:

When you download our software, you click


6. When the support session is concluded, we will disconnect and then call you to make sure the problem is solved!

RAMtech Computer Consultants and Support

RAMtech, based in Albuquerque, USA, can solve most problems over your internet connection quickly and easily.

Not sure? We provide the first 15 minutes FREE of charge for first-time clients. We want to establish a long-term and trusting relationship and we'll bend over backwards and go the extra mile. We want your referrals!
      We also provide training and will demonstrate how to use a variety of software applications, cameras, scanners, mp3 players, DVD movies, and other common applications. We can show you how to use Office, Windows, most programs, change printer settings, change your desktop (or show you what a "desktop" is!). Just ASK!  


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