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We fix spyware, virus, email, performance issues and more right through your internet connection. Expert online technicians interact with your computer through RSS (Remote Services - a remote repair technology) - we diagnose and fix problems quickly from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Over the internet demonstrations of how to use your software and computer:

Let us help you set up, configure, install, and demonstrate how to use your new gadgets! MP3s, PDAs, printers, cameras, and more.

RAMtech Computer Professional Service for Remote Services and Onsite Computer Services for the Albuquerque Area. 505-715-4100

online remote computer support

most computer problems can be fixed remotely online

• Misconfigurations
• Slow computer
• Viruses and spyware (malware)
• Error messages
• Email accounts and setups
• Networking setups
• Software installations and training
• And much more (most problems can be solved virtually)

Remote Support System!

We can HELP! Online, right now. No more waiting on hold, no more packing up the computer and haul across town, no more geeks at the door unnecessarily!


*5 Star Rating on Yahoo Local*

RAMtech, based in Albuquerque, USA, can solve most problems over your internet connection quickly and easily. NEW see below

Not sure? We provide the first 15 minutes FREE of charge for first-time clients. We want to establish a long-term and trusting relationship and we'll bend over backwards and go the extra mile. We want your referrals! NEW NEW NEW We are using CrossLoop in addition to RSS! It's easier to get going, especially with VISTA:

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1. Call our tech while remaining on this website and provide name, address, email.

online support;

2. Grant permission (click YES or GRANT) to allow our secure software to see your computer.

When you download our software, you click

3. Your repair/training session will begin while you watch and talk.

You always know if we are online with you



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Flat Fee Tune Up
We will provide everything necessary to complete maintenance, updates:  virus scan, spyware removal, and more to improve your computer’s performance. $100.00
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Pay 70 Cents A Minute
Give us a call at 505-715-4100 *OR* 505-400-0900 right now. You are "one mouse click" away from an expert technician as though the tech was sitting right next to you!
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Virtual Training, User Support

Just need to know how to configure and use your email and internet? How about using Microsoft Office applications or updating your Windows skills and knowledge? We specialize in law firm applications like Timeslips and accounting, as well. Our list is so long, you'll just have to ASK!
Starting at just $28.95/hour!

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Onsite Services
Our onsite tech support experts are ready for same day service in all 50 states. Ready to help you at your home or office!
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Local Business Support Options

We support local businesses and home based businesses as well as local home users needing on-site support. We have a guaranteed turn-around time and we're willing to work after hours and weekends so as not to disrupt your normal business operations. We support and troubleshoot hardware and software, we update and consult, we are good advisors without a conflict of interest - our best interest is YOUR best interest.

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505-715-4100 skype rubyquail cell phone provided after initial phone contact and established relationship with you for instant phone support!


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