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RAMtech Remote Support System is the best real-time, online-based remote support solution available. RSS allows helpdesk, computer technicians and computer instructors to easily and quickly deliver technical assistance and/or training to end-users anywhere in the world as if they are seated right next to you! No need to take your computer apart and drop it off at a high-cost, slow turnaround local computer shop. LOW COST anti-virus cleaning, slow computer speed-up, spyware and security application installations, etc. We have a long list of software applications we can help you with as well. Simply email or call and tell us what you need your computer to do!

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With a full toolbox of fix-it applications, anti-virus, anti-spyware, registry scanning, and diagnostic tools, PLUS experienced and certified professional computer technicians PLUS our easy click-to-connect button (see below), RSS revolutionizes the way end users experience technical support and training. WE HAVE A QUICK AND EASY SOLUTION for 90% of the most common computer complaints. If we can't fix your problem remotely, then you don't pay our low 70 cents per minute rate. (There is an initial connection fee of $20.00 - "travel time" .)

FREE TO TRY US! Your first virtual computer technical assistance session is free

(15+ minute free introductory trial).

Need Help? RAMtech SUPPORT SYSTEM NOW: PC to PC remote control for technical assistance (see our list of services). Cost: $20.00 connection + .70 CENTS per minute! Pay us via paypal or call to arrange payment of the connect fee initially, and mail your payment for the balance within 10 days, if approved. Paypal is our preferred method of payment. It is easy and secure to sign up with using a major credit card (you are covered if ever dissatisfied with our services per agreement with the credit card company protecting your online purchases). Because we are located in the United States, you are protected by law against online fraud.

Double click on the link ("I NEED...") below for our customized Support.exe file after notifying us of your support needs and to set up an appointment within hours. While we have you on the phone, double-click on the link, you will be immediately connected to RAMtech's Support Technician. Please call if you have any difficulty with this at either Skype rubyquail or (505) 715-4100 (VOIP) or our business office (505) 400-0900 (cell). If you would simply like to establish your business with us for future and ongoing support, then email us at either promom @ ramtech. com or premier @ (Imagehost is a subsidiary service of RAMtech).

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