Standard Computer Setup - setup of computer hardware, wiring, peripherals, and optimization
Advanced Computer Setup - -same as above but also includes operating system and software configuration
Data Transfer - transferring of data to any type of device or media
Windows OS Optimizing - configure windows to be a sleek clean running machine. 98,2000,ME, XP
Virus or Spyware Removal - get rid of viruses and spyware
Software Configuration - setup your software to work seamlessly with your computer (does not include OS)
Service Estimate - we will come to your house/office to analyze your problems and give you a quote
Drive Installation - add new CD & DVD burners/drives and hard drive (internal or external)
Internal Card Install - networking, sound, video, modem, tv tuner, etc.
Memory Install - add more or replace existing memory
Windows Operating System Install - install and configure Windows OS (may take up to 5 hours)
Install A Wireless Home Network - includes two computers
Install A Wired Home Network - includes two computers
Additional Computers - add new computer to a new network
Basic Computer Skills - learn how to navigate and use save documents, get email, internet skills
$35 hr
Advanced Computer Training - learn how to be a computer power user
$30 hr
Software Training - learn how to burn quality music cd's, edit photos, compress them, email them, etc.
(many software titles are available for training)
$35 hr
We come to your business and fix computers, networking, wireless connections, replace hardware, configure software, train employees, and solve Windows issues
$75 hr
tax not included for parts - software and hardware not included

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