Smart GirlRAMtech computer consulting, a woman-owned Albuquerque computer repair operation (pc maintenance and repair) located in New Mexico.
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NOTE TO VISITORS: is on vacation!  

***This website is up for historical purposes and reference only.  

***No further updates have been made since early 2010 due to retirement.


Visit (just a few of our many satisfied customers!) some of our website clients:


RGS GraphicsRGSGRAPHICS.COM is a graphic design company in the Los Angeles area.  We used Macromedia Flash to create most of their website pages, but kept in mind search engine optimization ("SEO").  RGS has done great work for well-known packaging and distribution companies.  Check out the colorful online portfolio.

Imagehost also webmastered the companion site RGSPRINTING.COM 


The Food MuseumWe have been involved with co-creating THE FOODMUSEUM.COM website since 1994.  Recently, the owners became interested in learning how to use Dreamweaver in order to change and update this fantastic and complete online musueum collection of fun facts and educational images.  IMAGEhost volunteered to teach them how to use Dreamweaver and Tom has done a great job!  This website is perfect for everyone to enjoy and contains 100's of web pages, plus an Ecommerce store which we set up earlier this year in an effort to support their continued on-line presence.

Extreme Wordpress Template Makeover by Imagehost (that's us!) Client needed major template changes and tweaks to satisfy her look and feel for the Wordpress site.  By the time we finished, the original theme template was completely re-coded! Imagehost created graphics and background images (etc.) to accommodate the client.

Free Tools for Everyone : Website Creator

early finance for kids

DEDICATEDTOHEALTH.COM is dedicated to providing caring, personalized, alternative therapies using chiropractic, nutritional, massage, and advanced weight loss therapies. Dr. Stephanie King was very pleased with the website we created for her and promised to refer us to her patients and friends.  
 Imagehost also did her complimentary website at - here is what Dr. King had to say about our services:
"I just looked at all the changes you’ve made and I love how you tied it all together.  I really like the new contact page on the laser site and keeping the original one on the dedicatedtohealth site.  Everything looks very clean and easy to move around and both sites really tie together and still give the different information.
 You did an awesome job and I love everything you did.  I can’t find anything I don’t like.  It’s great, you truly are talented at what you do and thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into both my sites.
 I am very confident in recommending you to anyone who’s looking for a great website.  You are the best,

CCRBOARD.COM is the State of New Mexico's Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings. We created a functional, beautiful website using different elements such as flash. Forms and applications are PDF accessible. We created their logo graphics using 3 separate photo quality graphics and adopting their newsletter color scheme. We linked their "what's new" section to a typepad tool so that the administrator could easily add notes and updates "on the fly" without requiring technical knowledge.


Several other legal-law-related websites that Imagehost has designed and hosted (including all the FLASH, etc.) is NMCAPTIONING.COM and also websites.


Court Reporter Board

ASK campaign

ASKJOYCELAINKENNEDY.COM uses the "telemarketing secrets" templates and methods taught by Alex Mandossian. Here we incorporated audio and FLASH in the website to grab attention and programmed in the code required by a shopping cart and email management system. Joyce Lain Kennedy is a well-known columnist and invites visitors to ask her a career-related question hosted by Darrell Gurney, the CareerGuy.

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